December 8, 2022

The aim of this record is to offer assistance to Graduate Students who should traveland/or make studies-associated purchases. We desire that students will be capable of usethese guidelines to reduce their non-public costs and reduce the quantity of timeit takes them to get reimbursed.Research Foundation BTA (Business Travel Account)

Graduate Students traveling on Research Foundation (RF) Sponsored and DepartmentalIDC budget might also have their airline and rail tickets charged to the RF BTA. The RF BTAwas mounted to remove “out of pocket” tour prices associated with the purchaseof airline and rail tickets for all employees and non – employeestraveling on RF price range.

The BTA account is utilized thru Euro Lloyd Travel, the University’s designatedtravel organization.Traveler or Program Administrator contacts Euro Lloyd Travel at (631) 632-7799 forquote on required air/rail tickets. Euro Lloyd Travel will offer the satisfactory-publishedrate available to the vacationer. When reserving educate airfare, both cost and efficiencyshould be taken into consideration.Please word the e-FTR process is needed earlier than booking International tour,right here. When having your Program Administrator touch Euro Lloyd to your behalf, make sureyou offer them with all applicable travel choices, such as airport alternatives, carrierpreferences, tour time, window/aisle seat. No seat improvements are allowed except dueto a scientific incapacity or special want. Which must be documented and on record in HumanResources.If the usage of RF Sponsor Funds: Traveler or Program Administrator will prepare a RF requisition, indicating Project-Task-Awardto be charged and additionally connect the quoted fare/itinerary obtained from Euro Lloyd. Inorder to verify fund-availability and allowability on backed award, those documentsare to be emailed to the Office of Grants Management (OGM) the usage of the following mailboxlink:  Requests should be submitted by three:00 pm every day; requests acquired after 3:00pm can be processed on the subsequent enterprise day.  If the use of RF Departmental IDC Funds: Traveler or Program Administrator will put together a RF requisition, indicating Project-Task-Awardto be charged, connect the quoted fare/itinerary obtained from Euro Lloyd, reap Dean/VPapproval and either fax to the Procurement Office at 2-6462 or e mail those three RF consumers,, The Requisition shape can be foundhere. As airlines will most effective preserve the quoted fare for twenty-four hours, Traveler or Program Administratorand OGM are accountable to make certain finished RF requisitions are acquired inside the ProcurementOffice within 24 hours of obtaining the quote/itinerary from Euro Lloyd Travel forthe quoted fare to remain valid.Procurement Office will place price ticket order with Euro-Lloyd Travel Agency.Euro Lloyd Travel will then electronic mail Program Administrator and/or Traveler and ProcurementOffice the following documents: Itinerary, Travel Reservation, Electronic Invoiceand eTicket Receipt.All expenses for tickets might be centrally billed to Procurement Office and rechargedto the special and OGM approved RF Project-Task-Award Award as indicated on theRF requisition. The finances for those tickets are not weighted down; therefore, the accountdirector need to preserve the funds to cowl tickets costs till the charge is rechargedto the Project-Task-Award.

For questions regarding the RF BTA, touch Porshia Russell, Assistant Director ofTravel at 2-6019.

All different journey related costs, other than consistent with diem food, have to be supported withoriginal receipts and submitted for compensation after the journey event utilizinga travel voucher. Travelers ought to indicate on travel voucher if the BTA turned into used andattach the air/rail digital bill received by using Euro Lloyd Travel as supportingdocumentation. All travel vouchers must be submitted inside 30 days of the completionof tour.

The Travel Voucher shape can be foundhere.State NET (Non-Employee Travel Account)

Graduate Studentstraveling on State finances may also have their airline and rail tickets charged to a NET account, eliminating anyout of pocket value.The branch requests a NET account inside the name of a State worker linked to aState account.The NET account-holder calls Euro Lloyd at (631)-632-7799 and purchases tickets forthe graduate scholar. Euro Lloyd Travel will email NET account-holder and/or Traveler the following files:Itinerary, Travel Reservation, Electronic Invoice and eTicket Receipt.All costs for tickets may be directly charged to the State account this is linkedto the NET account.The finances for these tickets aren’t encumbered; therefore, the account director mustmaintain the finances to cowl tickets expenses till the charge is recharged to the StateAccount.

To request a NET account, touch Joanne DeSantis, Travel/NET Account Administratorat 2-4031. Once completed office work has been acquired within the Travel Office, the NETaccount will be established within 7 to ten days.

All different trip related expenses, other than according to diem meals, need to be supported withoriginal receipts and submitted for reimbursement after the journey event utilizinga tour voucher. Travelers must suggest at the travel voucher if the NET accountwas used and fix the air/rail digital invoice acquired via Euro Lloyd Travelas assisting documentation. All tour vouchers ought to be submitted within 30 daysof the finishing touch of travel.Reimbursement of Travel via RF or State Funds

Graduate Students may additionally buy airfare and rail tickets out of pocket and be reimbursedby submitting a journey voucher thru the normal branch approval procedure.Please notice the e-FTR procedure is needed earlier than booking RF funded International journey,right here.

When submitting a repayment request for tickets, a copy of the itinerary/receiptshowing proof of payment is required. All different trip related prices, other thanper diem food, have to be supported with original receipts and submitted for reimbursementafter the tour occasion making use of a tour voucher. This manner may be executed usingRF or State finances. Travel vouchers should be submitted inside 30 days of the completionof travel.

The Travel Voucher form can be foundhere.RF Travel Advances issued to Graduate Students

Travel Advances can be asked and must be approved by the Office of Grants Management(OGM) who will verify towards Sponsored Award recommendations. The Principal Investigator(PI) Account Director is liable for all monies advanced to the graduate pupil.Advances need to not be requested until at least 2 months before journey date.A RF requisition detailing the reason and quantities requested in conjunction with right signatoryapprovals should be submitted to OGM.

Regarding the tour advance request for the above referenced grad students, the PImust conform to the subsequent announcement. If the announcement isn’t always covered at the requisition,the Grants Management Specialist (GMS) will send an e mail as follows:

Please agree to the following declaration through electronic mail.

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