December 8, 2022

The following listing desires to be checked as you’re planning your ride. These items will assist you to decide the fee of your tour and could expedite the procedure.

Please provide the Travel Authorization Form at least two weeks earlier than your scheduled departure date

Check according to diem rates for the region.(Over the Maximum Per Diem will require prior approval by way of PI)

If you would really like to request a RF Travel Card in your experience, please entire the software for Bank of America Visa – RF Travel Card at least 4 weeks prior to your journey. The card can be used for lots fees, saving you out of pocket costs.

If vehicle transportation is wanted, review alternatives for the maximum fee green approach. State fleet automobile, Rental Vehicle RF (Enterprise) (PDF) or a private car. If you operate chose to take your non-public automobile, you’ll want to apply the OGS Travel calculator to calculate your mileage reimbursement. Prior approval and justification is required in case you take your non-public vehicle. ( State fleet or apartment vehicle is favored )

Airfare can be at once billed to the award using Direct Travel. No compensation is given for charge with private card till travel is completed. RF reimburses for Economy journey with no enhancements.

Registration facts, pay on Travel card or procurement card when in a position, no reimbursement is given for price made with personal finances till the journey is whole

Make sure suitable Project, Task and Award records is provided and account has the price range on the suitable finances line to aid your ride.

Supporting documentation for experience expenses which includes, however no longer confined to, commercial enterprise motive of the ride, original itemized receipts, convention/meeting schedule will want to be submitted with the repayment request.

Approval by using Supervisor and/or PI for use of finances.


Please word that any journey reimbursements for State or Research Foundation-funded tour which might be one hundred twenty days beyond the ultimate date of tour or more could be forwarded to the Payroll Office and will be subject to tax.

Reimbursement of journey expenses requests should be submitted to the Travel Office within 30 days of departure. Completing your RF Travel Expense Form in a well timed way will ensure correct claims and quicker reimbursements for the visitor.

All fees have to be recorded and attached to a finished RF Travel Expense Form. By making sure the following gadgets are filled in or attached you could assist expedite your repayment. Please be aware we CANNOT REIMBURSE A TRAVELER FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S TRAVEL COSTS.

Date and time of departure – this will determine if food will be paid for. Meals can be reimbursed on the RF Travel Expense Form on a according to diem foundation based totally on vicinity of lodging. If meals are supplied or paid with the aid of any other source associated with the scheduled event, the tourist will no longer be reimbursed. If the traveller is opting to assert compensation at the total meal Per Diem meal allowance, then the Travel Card might not be used to purchase meals and drinks.

Mapquest/Google Maps mileage if you took your private automobile.

Original receipts for motel, convention registration, condo cars, and airline price tag stubs (or tour business enterprise print out), for any fees you’re claiming reimbursement for or have put on your travel card. Please note that financial institution and credit card statements are not typical in lieu of actual receipts or folios for costs.

Method I MUST BE USED IF TRAVELER DOES NOT STAY IN A HOTEL. For extra information, see overnight Travel Reimbursement below Reimbursement segment.

Sales tax for accommodations is only reimbursable if it’s miles out of NY State.

Non-in a single day journeys: whilst you take a day journey and are going to claim food, you should have a receipt for all of the claimed food (breakfast & dinner) to arise to the listed in step with diem. No reimbursement is authorized for lunch. Otherwise, you’ll most effective get reimbursed $five.00 for breakfast and $12.00 for dinner. Both are taxable seeing that those are non-overnight trips.

Travel Card

Please note whilst applying for an RF Bank Of America Travel Card, you may need to complete the RF Travel Card Agreement for Employees Form, have it authorized, and then send it to the Travel Coordinator, Kristina Hart, a hundred and one Bray Hall,, it’ll then be forwarded to ORP for approval. Then, once ORP has authorized, it will be sent to RF Central for processing and they’ll order the card, have it despatched to you at the deal with indicated for your application shape within 7-10 commercial enterprise days, and could set up schooling with you.

RF Travel Card Agreement for Employees (PDF)

Bank of America Travel Card Program (PDF)

RF Travel Card Policy (PDF)




Lodging for visitors, school and college students

Registration (most effective fee that may be paid with Travel or Pcard)

Conference registrations for school/personnel


Candidate food or Recruitment food


Airfare for guests, faculty and college students

Rental Cars

Rental Cars

Taxi, Uber, Trains and Parking

Taxi, Uber, Trains and Parking for

Fuel for condominium vehicle

Fuel for condo automobile


Telephone charges (associated with authentic State business

Cannot be used for buy of right or offerings

**Alcoholic liquids CANNOT be paid with NET or Travel Cards**

Please note that any journey reimbursements for State or Research Foundation-funded tour which might be 120 days past the ultimate date of travel or more will be forwarded to the Payroll Office and could be difficulty to tax.

Meal Allowance Breakdown

The breakdown of the meal allowance for breakfast and dinner are allotted as follows, with distinct allowances based totally on place:

If the meal charge listed within the GSA** federal prices is

The amount allowed for breakfast is

The quantity allowed for dinner is

$seventy six





$fifty seven




$sixty one


$forty nine



$forty five

$fifty five



Note: Incidental costs such as tips to bellmen, porters, lodge maids, and many others., stay protected in the allowances.

Documents and Forms

Updated September 2011

Determining Travel Status (PDF)

GSA according to diem quotes

Over-the-Max Travel Request (PDF)

Tax Exempt Certificate (inn rooms, PDF)

Travel Authorization Form (Fillable PDF)

Travel Documentation Checklist (list of needed paperwork, PDF)

Research Foundation Travel Forms

RF Travel Expense Voucher (Fillable PDF)

RF Taxable Meal Payment Request & Authorization Form(PDF)

RF Travel web site

RF Travel Handbook (PDF)

RF Pre-Travel Checklist (PDF)

RF Post –Travel Checklist (PDF)

BTI Control # Request Form (Excel)

RF Travel Card Employee Agreement(PDF)

RF Travel Card Policy (Word)

Bank of America Travel Card Program (PDF)

Online Rental Reservations – RF (PDF) **Please trade this to this link: Online Rental Reservations for ESF Research Foundation Employees**

Direct Deposit Sign Up Form

Tax Exempt Forms (STATE)

Florida Tax Exempt Form (PDF)

Kentucky Tax Exempt Form (PDF)

New Jersey Tax Exempt Form (PDF)

New York Tax Exempt Form (PDF)

Tennessee Tax Exempt Form (PDF)


Travelers should use the maximum efficient and value powerful approach of transportation to be had. Often instances this indicates the usage of a common provider inclusive of a train, bus, taxicab or airplane. When deciding on a way of transportation several elements must be taken into consideration like; the space traveled, the tour time, wide variety of travelers, wide variety of places to be visited, and form of transportation available.

When a not unusual carrier is available however a more pricey technique is selected with out sufficient justification, reimbursement may be constrained to the commonplace service price. Attach all original receipts to voucher to show method of transportation and quantity paid.

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