December 8, 2022

Any man or woman visiting on SDSU Research Foundation enterprise is predicted to exercise the same care in incurring fees that a prudent person could exercise if traveling on non-public enterprise and expending personal budget. Excess charges, circuitous routes, delays, or luxurious inns and offerings needless or unjustified inside the performance of enterprise aren’t acceptable below this standard. Individuals are liable for excess expenses and any extra expenses incurred for non-public desire or comfort. In order to as it should be evaluation the composite expenses of an excursion, individuals inquiring for compensation from a couple of resources have to attach a duplicate of any other claim forms being submitted for the trip.

Considerable version exists a few of the policies for repayment of travel charges (e.g., transportation and in step with-diem) on offers/contracts. Whenever journey expenses are charged to sure grants/contracts, the tour rules of the corporation issuing that supply/settlement, as well as the award itself, need to be carefully reviewed. Please take a look at with your SR provide expert for a willpower of which tour regulations practice in your project. When grants/contracts consult with “reasonable” price, the subsequent SDSU Research Foundation pointers are applied. For additional records, touch SDSU Research Foundation’s travel coordinator, or for paperwork on-line go to SDSU Research Foundation’s web web page at forms_index.html#ap.Travel Restrictions

Effective January 1, 2017 prohibition on state-funded and nation-sponsored tour had been imposed on states with discriminatory laws (Assembly Bill No. 1887). For more records, please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) — AB 1887.Banned states are as observed: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee ,Texas, West Virginia, Indiana, UtahLouisiana beginning 08/01/2022Arizona beginning 09/28/2022Foreign Travel

All individuals visiting to foreign countries on SDSURF enterprise MUST report their tour plans to the SDSURF risk control workforce earlier of the experience with the intention to be covered by using the studies basis’s overseas journey liability coverage policy. SDSURF’s risk control workforce may be reached at 619-594-4139 or by way of e mail vacationers have to submit the applicable pre-approval journey shape 30 days previous to departure. Pre-Approval Travel Forms

These bureaucracy are used for pre-approval of journey on SDSURF budget earlier than price is incurred.

In addition, it is critical to benefit as much statistics as possible approximately the countries you will be travelling. Travel warnings, public bulletins, consular sheets and tips on safety abroad are to be had on the U.S. Department of State web web page at

SDSURF is needed to reap written approval from SDSU’s president, CSU’s Chancellor and CSURMA’s insurance corporation previous to tour to nations deemed war dangers or excessive unsafe. In the case of journey to those countries, bureaucracy ought to be submitted forty five days previous to departure.

See Section five. A.3., under, for records concerning coverage insurance for non-public automobiles in overseas countries.TransportationAirlinesShuttle Bus ServiceAutomobile RentalPrivate AutomobileLodgingTravel AdvancesObtaining an AdvanceClearing an AdvanceOther ExpensesTravel Allowances For Travel Within the Continental United StatesPer Diem Allowance for Short-term TravelConference/Workshop Provided MealsLong-time period Per diem AllowanceTravel Allowances for Travel Outside the Continental United StatesShort-time period Per diem Allowance – Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE)Long-time period Per diem Allowance – outside the continental United StatesTravel in Excess of 14 HoursReceiptsTravel Expense ClaimTravel Reimbursements for Nonresident AliensSpecial Travel SituationsSpouse or Registered Domestic Partner TravelAthletic Travel – Spouse/Domestic Partner and Other Family MembersTravel Reimbursements for Campus Executives

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