December 8, 2022

SOMA Foundation Spring Travel Grant

The SOMA Foundation provides a $500 award to 2 osteopathic clinical students who’re attending the SOMA Spring Convention. The cause of this supply is to relieve financial stressors or restrictions that can restrict college students from attending the SOMA Spring Convention. Two osteopathic clinical college students will acquire a scholarship for $500 and the award may be allotted at the annual spring SOMA convention in Washington D.C. The winners of the journey grant are required to take part inside the SOMA Foundation Spring provider assignment held at some stage in the SOMA Spring conference. ​ -2021 Recipients:

Alexis O’Connell, OMS II, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

A few phrases from Student Doctor Alexis O’Connell on receiving the SOMA Foundation Travel Grant:

“I am pretty honored to be selected as certainly one of this yr’s recipients of the SOMA SpringConvention Travel Grant. Thank you! I applied for the scholarship with the aim oftravelling to Washington D.C. to take part within the important paintings of the SOMA House ofDelegates. I am excited to were a part of the resolutions system and plan to attend afuture convention to provide a resolution that I submitted which addresses socialdeterminants of fitness and get admission to to social offerings for the indigent. I became also registeredfor D.O. Day at the Hill to analyze valuable lessons about lobbying for regulation andfitness guidelines associated with various topics in Osteopathic Medicine and populations in want.In mild of the latest economic and public health disaster surrounding COVID-19, it’s farpertinent now extra than ever that the osteopathic community recognizes the long-time periodconsequences of monetary burdens on someone’s mind, frame, and spirit and their incapabilityto navigate the healthcare system that can translate to unfavourable fitness results. Igoal to use this furnish to take part in the imminent SOMA conference and wish to takethe talents and information found out and keep to advise for the poor in the Southeast. Iconsider in the power of clinical college students to make a good sized positive difference onexisting laws and practices. I am thankful that SOMA has provided me the opportunity todo just that.”

Emily Artz,OMS II, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medical School – Athens

A few phrases from Student Doctor Emily Artz on receiving the SOMA Foundation Travel Grant:​”Thank you for your donation of funds for the Travel Grant Scholarship. Your gift virtually will make adifference in my training. I actually have grown very captivated with pursuing possibilities through StudentOsteopathic Medical Association (SOMA), and at some stage in my time as National Liaison Officer (NLO) for OhioUniversity’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Athens bankruptcy, in particular loved themeetings. However, my college handiest guarantees investment to the President and NLO, and I might havetransitioned out of the position previous to the upcoming Spring Conference. Regardless of investment, I changed intovery excited to attend. This became going to be the first conference I would have a resolution providedthat I had written! I also had been active as the Region Administrator for the Overdose Prevention TaskForce over the osteopathic scientific schools in Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, andIndiana, and wanted an opportunity to speak to all of the location leaders in person to continue organizingnaloxone and medicinal drug assisted treatment trainings, in addition to dependancy stigma and harm reductionefforts. Though I not get to try this for the Spring Conference, I become honestly making plans onattending OMED subsequent year due to the fact I had such an exceptional time closing year and have in no way been toTexas! Additionally, and more importantly, I assume persevering with to make contributions to SOMA as my ardourfor osteopathic medication grows.I even have now not had any monetary help apart from from my personal work to pay for my training. Thedonation of funds lowering travel expenses will permit me to awareness less on my monetary burden and greater onadvancing my scientific career. Again, I want to thanks to your generous gift, assuring you that yourpresent can be contributing to the good I plan on bringing to patients I will deal with in my view and publichealth at large.”

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