December 8, 2022

Award or GrantThe Simons Foundation uses the terms award and supply interchangeably. The award or furnish is the availability of budget by way of the Simons Foundation, based totally on an permitted utility and finances or progress report, to an organizational entity to carry out the permitted challenge.

GranteeThe Simons Foundation makes use of the terms institution and grantee interchangeably.

Key PersonnelKey employees includes the PI and other individuals who contribute to the scientific development or execution of a project in a substantial, measurable manner, whether or now not they request salaries or repayment. This may include co-investigators, collaborators, postdoctoral research buddies or equal worker positions.

Principal InvestigatorThe man or woman(s) judged by way of the applicant organization to have an appropriate degree of authority and obligation to direct the mission or program supported by the supply. All primary investigators (PIs) have to keep a Ph.D., M.D. or equal degree and feature a faculty function or equal at a college, college, medical faculty or different studies facility. The PI is responsible and responsible to the applicant organization and the Simons Foundation for the proper behavior of the mission or activity, inclusive of the submission of all required reviews. The PI will act as the main point of touch for the Simons Foundation and need to be mentioned as personnel inside the price range even supposing now not soliciting for profits. There is no minimal percent effort required for PI, however it’s far predicted that the PI will be a part of the collaborative community of Simons Foundation Investigators, and that the PI will partake in a few conferences, workshops and symposia that the Simons Foundation organizes.

The applicant organization may additionally designate multiple individuals as PIs who percentage the authority and obligation for main and directing the undertaking, intellectually and logistically. Each PI is responsible and responsible to the applicant group or, as suitable, to a collaborating business enterprise for the proper conduct of the undertaking or application, inclusive of the submission of all required reviews. The presence of more than one recognized PI on an utility or award diminishes neither the obligation nor the accountability of any character PI. Each such certain man or woman could have the identify of PI, as the Simons Foundation does no longer use the position kind co-PI.

In circumstances wherein the applicant group designates multiple PIs, the PI under whose call the utility is submitted will function the contact PI for administrative functions. The contact PI have to be affiliated with the organization submitting the software. The contact PI can be accountable for communication among the Simons Foundation and the rest of the management team.

Due to the constraints of proposalCENTRAL Postdoctoral Fellowship, recipients and group contacts can be indexed as a PI in the presents control system, however best the ones folks that meet the necessities above are considered by the Simons Foundation PIs.

Co-InvestigatorAn character worried with the PI within the scientific development or execution of a project. The co-investigator must hold a Ph.D., M.D. or equal, and be hired by way of or be affiliated with the applicant/grantee institution or any other business enterprise taking part inside the venture beneath a consortium settlement. A co-investigator is taken into consideration key employees and should be stated as personnel inside the price range even supposing now not requesting revenue. The Simons Foundation does now not require a minimal effort from the co-investigator. The designation of a co-investigator, if relevant, does not affect the PI’s roles and obligations, nor is it a function implying more than one PIs.

CollaboratorAn man or woman worried in the medical development or execution of a project. A collaborator is taken into consideration key personnel and might or may not be supported by way of funds from the provide. 

ConsultantAn character presenting expert advice or offerings on the idea of a written settlement. These people aren’t generally personnel of the organisation receiving the offerings. Consultants also consist of companies imparting expert advice or services.

Postdoctoral studies associate or equal employee functionAn man or woman who acquired a doctoral diploma (or its equal) and who is engaged in a temporary and defined duration of mentored superior training to decorate the expert abilties and studies independence needed to pursue their selected career route. The postdoctoral research partner performs specific offerings in change for repayment and is treated as an worker of the grantee organization, with benefits.

Simons Foundation finances may additionally simplest be used for employees who’re personnel of the grantee institution and who’re eligible for blessings. Funds won’t be used for fellowship stipend supplementation until in particular authorized with the aid of Simons Foundation body of workers.

Postdoctoral fellowAn person who has obtained a doctoral diploma (or its equal) and who conducts unbiased research at a bunch group underneath the steerage of a mentoring PI(s). Before filing the fellowship software, the applicant ought to pick out a sponsoring institution and an character who will function a sponsor (mentor or manager) and who will supervise the education and studies experience. The applicant’s sponsor should be an active investigator inside the location of the proposed studies.

The postdoctoral fellow is normally not dealt with as an employee of the grantee/sponsoring group and isn’t always an worker of the Simons Foundation. The fellow receives a stipend and budget in the direction of a health allowance from the Simons Foundation. No indirect prices may be taken on postdoctoral fellowships.

The stipend may be supplemented by means of the postdoctoral fellow’s sponsoring group or sponsor to fulfill the institution’s stipend stages, however the Simons Foundation need to be the main source of aid. The postdoctoral fellow might not hold some other postdoctoral fellowship concurrent with the Simons Foundation fellowship. The stipend might not be much less than the stipend awarded via the Simons Foundation

Institution ProfileThe Simons Foundation institution profile is an award within proposalCENTRAL that provides a method for handling the institution’s number one officers, user get right of entry to and digital fund transfer (EFT) payment statistics. The group is needed to submit an EFT net form and manage contacts and customers through the Simons Foundation organization profile. The institution profile is created by the number one organization officials before the primary grant charge is released and maintained with the aid of the primary institution officers (or their delegates) in proposalCENTRAL at some point of the existence of the award(s).

Primary Signing OfficialA primary signing official (PSO) has the authority to legally bind the organization in grants management topics. The PSO, with the primary economic officer, manages the Simons Foundation group profile in proposalCENTRAL. The PSO might also or won’t satisfy the position of a SO on man or woman grants and post supply deliverables as mentioned below. The man or woman fulfilling this position can also have any number of titles in the grantee employer. The label number one signing reliable is used along with proposalCENTRAL as a position and isn’t always necessarily the name of the individual.

Signing OfficialA signing respectable (SO) has the authority to legally bind the organization in presents administration topics. The character gratifying this function may additionally have any range of titles within the applicant/grantee group. The label signing professional is used in conjunction with proposalCENTRAL as a function and isn’t always necessarily the identify of the character. The SO is liable for the proper administration of the provide, which include however no longer restrained to overseeing the submission of the supply Activation Agreements, Reallocation Requests, Progress Reports, Carry Forward Requests and No-Cost Extensions. Additionally, the SO is required to certify that all statistics submitted is correct, that the terms of the award are ideal and that the applicant/grantee group will comply with all relevant legal guidelines and Simons Foundation guidelines. The SO will need access to every grant on proposalCENTRAL that he or she is the SO for.

For maximum establishments, the SO is placed in its Office of Sponsored Research or equivalent.

Primary Financial OfficerThe number one economic officer (PFO) is specific by means of the grantee institution and is liable for the proper accounting of supply budget. The PFO, with the PSO, manages the Simons Foundation organization profile in proposalCENTRAL. The individual satisfying this position may additionally have any variety of titles within the applicant/grantee organization. The label primary economic officer is used along side proposalCENTRAL as a role and isn’t always the name of the individual.

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